wellness tips

3 Tips to Help Stay Mentally Sharp

The drastic changes happening today is unlike anything anyone has ever encountered before- so it is no wonder a lot of us are struggling with our physical and mental health.  That’s why in today’s video, I want to share with

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Flexxable Fan Pages

Fan Pages and Pay Per Lead

In today’s video, I discuss whether it’s better to advertise through a fan page that you own or your client’s fan page. What I cover: Why I always recommend using your own Facebook Fan Page The best way to advertise

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Retainer to pay per lead

Retainer Contracts vs Pay Per Lead

 Hey, everyone. Just a quick video today. Oftentimes, when I’m having conversations with people that have just joined my program or are thinking about joining my program, they’re always asking me two things; “How do I” and “Can I

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