Dan Wardrope is the founder and director of Flexx Digital Ltd, a specialised lead generation agency based in the South of England, UK.

Dan’s previous titles include The Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Marketing, published in 2015. To find out more about Dan and his work, check out his website at 



How to STOP wasting time on expensive, unreliable marketing agencies and START generating hundreds of quality leads per day in-house.



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Leads are the lifeblood of any business. As it’s impossible to survive without a steady stream of qualified enquiries, thousands of business owners are hiring outside marketing agencies and leaving the lead generation to the “experts”. But is this a luxury you can afford? Have you ever paid thousands to an agency and been left disappointed by the results?

Luckily, Dan Wardrope, Lead Generation Connoisseur and founder of Flexx Digital Ltd, put together this paperback book outlining his groundbreaking strategy for building your own marketing team and generating all your leads entirely in-house.

In this book, you will learn how to:



"Dan Wardrope joined my first ever AgencySavvy programme, one of just ten brave entrepreneurs that didn't quite know what they were getting into. A large part of that programme is centered on goal-setting & mindset. Maybe it's a coincidence, but since then, I've have witnessed Dan's phenomenal transformation. Just two years ago he was struggling to make ends meet, stressed & on an emotional rollercoaster. Now it's a very different story.

He's rejected the traditional agency model & built something new, totally defined by why, how & what he wants. And the results speak for themselves. Dan is a breath of fresh air for the industry & if he's teaching, I highly recommend you listen carefully."


CEO | WebSavvy

"We have been working with Dan and his business FlexxDigital over the past 11 months. As of today, 25 April 2018 1:50am, Dan has been able to generate over 238,000 leads using our flagship lead generation platform LeadsHook in 11 months in some of the most competitive niches.

Dan is releasing a new course on lead generation at scale, which is unique because it is difficult to make it look this easy and predictable."


Founder | LeadsHook

"I’ve been running marketing campaigns online for nearly two decades and still learnt loads with Flexxable’s training. Dan’s course is well thought through, insightful, engaging and particularly good in the soft skill areas which was a bonus surprise. Behind the scenes the is substance to the claims made, this is the real deal. The knowledge in this course would literally cost tens of thousands and years to get up to speed from scratch.

Like any training, you’ll need to put the work in to get the results, but the blueprint is there, everything from gaining clients to copyrighting and making the campaigns to work. I’m always wary of any coaching or training sold via social or online, so was pleasantly surprised to find such a great course. Post sale Dan has kept his promises.
 Thank you Dan and the Flexxable team for sharing, my investment in your training is definitely paying off."


Consultant | Credo Capital 

"Dan Wardrope and his team at FlexxDigital are the best lead generation I have ever worked with. Their quality of leads and ability to deliver volume is second to none."


Director | Octax Limited

"I have been running a Facebook Ads agency for 2 and half years, I've always found it a struggle convincing cold clients to take us on the monthly retainer model. Not only that but if you are good at what you do the retainer model doesn't pay you your worth. After doing Flexdigitals course not only has it helped me with the understanding of the customer psychology taking them from cold to hot leads but also changed my mindset on the closing clients from the retainer to selling leads for an upfront fee. It's just become a straight up no BS pitch. It is literally crazy how much money you can make from selling leads as suppose to the retainer model. For example, a company have previously taken a £3k retainer before previously taking Flexx Digital course I can now make a 10x profit in some case's selling leads to clients and doing no extra work and clients are willing to take as many leads as you can throw at them."


Director | DigitalEscalate


CEO | Dominate Web Media


Director | AdSmart

“What can I say about Dan and his team at FlexxDigital? They have a great reputation for generating the best quality leads in the industry. Not only great quality, but predictable volumes. Highly recommended.”


Director | Basik Money

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