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NAME: Keith Krance

BUSINESS: Dominate Web Media


NAME: Gavin Thorne

BUSINESS: StixxDigital


NAME: Stephen Craven



NAME: Pepijn Hufen

BUSINESS: E-Marketing Consultancy


NAME: Thomas Owen

BUSINESS: Rockhopper Digital


NAME: Annmarie Baylan

BUSINESS: Bang On Leads


NAME: John Bowles



NAME: Samantha Scruggs



NAME: Gareth Ford

BUSINESS: Str84ward Digital


NAME: Sneha Verma



NAME: Nick Kremer

BUSINESS: Driven Leads


NAME: Winston Bromley

BUSINESS: Marketing Refuel


NAME: Dan Morel

BUSINESS: Top Rated Marketing


NAME: Dan Wilkinson



NAME: Phil Carrick

BUSINESS: Social Upscale


NAME: James Schramko

BUSINESS: SuperFastBusiness

"Dan Wardrope has rare abilities when it comes to lead generation. He has flipped the traditional agency retainer model in favor of a significantly more effective model for both his agency and his clients. Since Dan is one of a small group of high performers in my SilverCircle programme, I have had a front-row seat watching Flexxable grow rapidly under his acute leadership.

What makes Dan unique is his clear vision of how things can be done differently. His fearless pursuit of unconventional and innovative approaches has resulted in a massive success."


NAME: Mike Rhodes


"Dan Wardrope joined my first ever AgencySavvy programme, one of just ten brave entrepreneurs that didn't quite know what they were getting into. A large part of that programme is centered on goal-setting & mindset. Maybe it's a coincidence, but since then, I've have witnessed Dan's phenomenal transformation. Just two years ago he was struggling to make ends meet, stressed & on an emotional rollercoaster. Now it's a very different story.

He's rejected the traditional agency model & built something new, totally defined by why, how & what he wants. And the results speak for themselves. Dan is a breath of fresh air for the industry & if he's teaching, I highly recommend you listen carefully."


NAME: Nik Thakorlal


"We have been working with Dan and his business FlexxDigital over the past 11 months. As of today, 25 April 2018 1:50am, Dan has been able to generate over 238,000 leads using our flagship lead generation platform LeadsHook in 11 months in some of the most competitive niches.

Dan is releasing a new course on lead generation at scale, which is unique because it is difficult to make it look this easy and predictable."


NAME: Craig Bramall

BUSINESS: Evergreen Leads

"I have been running a Facebook Ads agency for 2 and half years, I've always found it a struggle convincing cold clients to take us on the monthly retainer model. Not only that but if you are good at what you do the retainer model doesn't pay you your worth. After doing Flexxables course not only has it helped me with the understanding of the customer psychology taking them from cold to hot leads but also changed my mindset on the closing clients from the retainer to selling leads for an upfront fee. It's just become a straight-up no BS pitch.

It is literally crazy how much money you can make from selling leads as suppose to the retainer model. For example, a company have previously taken a £3k retainer before previously taking Flexxable course I can now make a 10x profit in some case's selling leads to clients and doing no extra work and clients are willing to take as many leads as you can throw at them."


NAME: Matthew Tenney

BUSINESS: The Generous Group

"I just wanted to share some good news. We landed a huge client just a couple weeks after starting the program.

This client is prepared to scale to hundreds of leads per day, if we can get them results after our trial, and could easily be worth $1,000/day or more in profit. (And I'm pretty optimistic we'll be able to get them results thanks to this program).

Thank you Dan and the rest of the Flexxable team for creating this great program!"


NAME: Tim O'Shea

BUSINESS: Credo Capital

"I’ve been running marketing campaigns online for nearly two decades and still learnt loads with Flexxable’s training. Dan’s course is well thought through, insightful, engaging and particularly good in the soft skill areas which was a bonus surprise. Behind the scenes the is substance to the claims made, this is the real deal. The knowledge in this course would literally cost tens of thousands and years to get up to speed from scratch.

Like any training, you’ll need to put the work in to get the results, but the blueprint is there, everything from gaining clients to copyrighting and making the campaigns to work. I’m always wary of any coaching or training sold via social or online, so was pleasantly surprised to find such a great course. Post sale Dan has kept his promises. Thank you Dan and the Flexxable team for sharing, my investment in your training is definitely paying off."


NAME: Tom Middledorp

BUSINESS: Journey's End Marketing

"Dan's life changing course has helped me transition from a retainer based model to a pay per lead model. This has helped me increase my revenue multiple times over, and also become a much better marketer. Thanks Dan and the whole Flexxable team!!"


NAME: Leroy Williams

BUSINESS: Advantage Digital Marketing

"Since implementing new ads (the way Dan is teaching) and sending traffic to an advertorial and then a landing page my lead costs have dropped dramatically! I am now generating leads at an average cost of around R25.00 per lead. My profit margin is through the roof. The quality of the leads have also improved. Super happy right now as this market is a very difficult one to operate in and getting leads that cheap is almost unheard of."


NAME: Robert Doran

BUSINESS: Edge Advantage

"Dan and his team at Flexxable have put together a brilliant and comprehensive course for those wanting to flip the script on running a Facebook Ads Agency. The course is very insightful, but broken down into manageable modules and Dan's teaching style is friendly and easy to understand. Best of all is that Dan and the team are always on hand within the Flexxable Mastermind Group and genuinely care about the success of their students. The only con with Dan's course is that it may not suit complete beginners, there is assumption that you have some experience with Facebook Ads. Well worth the money, and I know of courses charging 5 times more for much less!"


NAME: Joel Eckman

BUSINESS: Global Sites

"I used to value myself based on the knowledge I could share and the problems we solved. I always knew something was wrong though. Thanks Dan Wardrope. Seriously. Things are changing in a machine that hasn't changed much in 20 years."


NAME: Khoren Pilibossian

BUSINESS: Zest Marketing

"I have decided to join Flexxable program because the method it teaches which is based on pay per lead. I was offering retainer model but having hard time scaling with 2 people and kind of bored doing the same thing for over 10 years. With pay per lead model I am working with handful of clients and making much more that regular retainer clients. I highly recommend PPL model specially you get access to the person who teaches and implements in his business this model which is priceless."


NAME: Matt Milne

BUSINESS: Matt C. Milne Consulting

"I am consistently surprised by the value I get from Dan and his team. The model Dan teaches is far superior to any other business model that I know of. I've been through a ton of courses that teach how to get to $100k per month, but Dan's pay per lead model is the only one that I've been able to do it with AND I DID IT WITH 1 CLIENT. When I started with Dan I was struggling to get 15% of my leads to turn into appointments, now I consistently get 25% of the leads I generate to turn into appointments for my client. This one thing has been responsible for $10's of thousands of extra revenue PER MONTH for my business.

I can't recommend Dan's course enough. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Every single thing you need to make build a profitable business quickly that doesn't consume your whole life is within reach when you sign up to work with Dan."


NAME: Jon Bowles


"I didn't come from the "retainer model" agency. In fact I didn't come from any agency, just a dude trying to learn marketing, and fancied getting myself something scalable, sustainable and to be proud of. I've followed all the steps and taken on a niche/vertical I've got literally no experience in whatsoever. But, by simply following the steps in the course I've managed to secure 2 clients who have agreed to 50 leads a week each after their trial, and it's very early days!!

I'm not gonna lie, the trial was pretty scary as I'd never generated an income protection lead, and now I'm selling myself as an expert! But the simple, actionable steps in the course meant I was able to exceed mine and my clients expectations and provide the leads at 100% ROI! I can't wait to see what 2020 is going to bring!

Definitely a worthy investment, the value of the mastermind and ongoing support way exceed the cost, the course is just a bonus!!"


NAME: Paul Gregory

BUSINESS: Marblehead Digital

"I saw Dan Wardrope ad about 4-5 months after joining Dino Gomez FUNCO, which was a great jumping off point for me - worth every penny. After the Flexxable sales call, I decided to adjust my model (I knew Dan was right for me within the first min of that ad video). I didn't have the cake to join so I went straight into client getting in my niche. For me to sell, I need to believe in my product and my ability to deliver so I partnered up with someone already in Flexxable. What a great decision that was. But, landing my first trial was tough. Mostly mindset issues & mother's failing health. But Dan and my partner hung with me - even Sarah was checking in with me periodically. The folks are the real deal. Anyway, after the new year, things started to free up. Landed first client and signed into Flexxable right away (couple of weeks ago). Signed another client last week. But get this - I have an opportunity to close a prospect Tuesday that spends $66k/day (no typo) on marketing. Small company (less than 100 people) with revenues in excess of a billion (no typo). One of his qualifying questions: do you have the capacity to fulfill 10% of my budget? Incredible. Stay tuned Moral? Ignore the noise and just do it"


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